“13 Ways to Be Joyful in Everything” – Nina Obier, DTM

Saturday June 13, 2026 9:00 AM

Do you find yourself constantly on the go with a calendar filled of events that are time wasters? Or maybe you are consistently looking to others for answers on achieving your goals? Has anyone every called you a “people pleaser”? If you can relate to one or all these statements, then this workshop is for you. As a recovering people pleaser who said yes to all the things and was always asking permission or looking for validation, I have discovered another way to look at leadership, self-leadership to be exact, because who are we with the most? 24/7? Ourselves. Join me as we explore 13 Ways to Be Joyful in Everything.

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“Preparing to speak—getting over stage fright” – Ambika Devi

Friday June 12, 2026 5:00 PM

Ambika has an interactive workshop packed with tools, tips, and tricks to help you prepare to speak and get over stage fright. From breathing and centering to vocal warm-ups and visualizations you are going to gain everything you need to walk out in front of a group, get on camera, and speak with confidence and grace. This session is sure to change your way of gearing up to present for good giving you extra space to focus on your subject and deliver your message comfortably and relaxed!

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“Elements of Storytelling” – Kip Barkley, DTM

Friday June 12, 2026 4:00 PM

Kip will present a one-hour workshop on what makes for a good story. There is you the Teller, your audience, and the Story. There are characters, setting, plot, and some conflict to liven things up. Kip will demonstrate classic tales and then pick them apart.

How does Kip go about being creative? What about ethics: whose story is this? How to apply Toastmaster skills like gestures, face, voice within ZOOM.

DTM Barkley has been a Toastmaster for 30+ years and is a member of the Florida Storytelling Association. Come, be entertained, and tell a better story. See www.KipBarkley.net.”

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“Empowering Your Team” – Bill Kirby, DTM

Friday June 12, 2026 3:00 PM

If you believe that the most important leadership instrument you have in life and work is You, how about spending some time on transforming yourself?

Becoming a more conscious leader enables us to observe the bigger picture while at the same time making choices to align our behaviors with who we want to be.

This course will cover differences in leadership styles, offer insights into what being a leader really means and practices that will help you get the most out of your team.”

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