Dazzling Digital Marketing for Speakers and Clubs

Friday June 12, 2026 2:00 PM

There are many low budget / no budget online tools speakers and clubs can tap to share their awesomeness with the world. Here are some of the best.

David particularly recommends options based on WordPress but will also discuss resources available on LinkedIn, Facebook, and event promotion and professional networking platforms.

Presenter: David F. Carr, DTM

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“Pro Speaking After COVID-19” – Jim Barber

Sunday June 14, 2026 1:00 PM

The past few months have seen many industries turned upside down, and professional speaking is no exception. “Pro Speaking After COVID-19” explores what the speaking industry looks like right now (hint: it’s in shambles), how and when the experts expect it to reemerge to profitability, and how professional speakers (or aspiring pros) can not only survive but eventually thrive during this unprecedented crisis. If you have ever had the urge to enjoy a successful career as a speaking professional, you need to attend this eye-opening examination of an industry in chaos.

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“Educational Moments for Toastmasters & Beyond” – Marlene Smith

Sunday June 14, 2026 8:00 AM

“What is a “Moment of Education” role?

This role, “Moment of Education” or MOE, is a public speaking tip, given in 1-2 minutes at a club meeting.  This workshop reviews this role. Several public speaking tips in the format of a picture quote will be shared.

Why is it on the agenda? These questions and more will be addressed in this workshop. Engage, educate, and empower with “Educational Moments for Toastmasters and Beyond”.

The full PDF version of “Educational Moments and Beyond” is available upon request for use at Toastmaster clubs.”

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“Preparing to speak—getting over stage fright” – Ambika Devi

Friday June 12, 2026 5:00 PM

Ambika has an interactive workshop packed with tools, tips, and tricks to help you prepare to speak and get over stage fright. From breathing and centering to vocal warm-ups and visualizations you are going to gain everything you need to walk out in front of a group, get on camera, and speak with confidence and grace. This session is sure to change your way of gearing up to present for good giving you extra space to focus on your subject and deliver your message comfortably and relaxed!

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“Elements of Storytelling” – Kip Barkley, DTM

Friday June 12, 2026 4:00 PM

Kip will present a one-hour workshop on what makes for a good story. There is you the Teller, your audience, and the Story. There are characters, setting, plot, and some conflict to liven things up. Kip will demonstrate classic tales and then pick them apart.

How does Kip go about being creative? What about ethics: whose story is this? How to apply Toastmaster skills like gestures, face, voice within ZOOM.

DTM Barkley has been a Toastmaster for 30+ years and is a member of the Florida Storytelling Association. Come, be entertained, and tell a better story. See www.KipBarkley.net.”

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